Welcome to Amazon Technical Academy Mentoring!
One-to-One Mentoring - 6 month Program

Welcome to Amazon Technical AcademyMentoring! This platform is designed to allow for Amazonians to connect with each other and develop skills and competencies through mentoring. Whether you're a mentor, or a mentee, you'll find mentoring to be a rewarding part of your experience here at Amazon.

The program is set up as a 6 month time-based program, but of course mentees and mentors can connect and pace their connections as needed. You are welcome to use the built-in engagement tasks/milestones, or customize your own. This program is an open track program, which means that mentees will need to self-select their mentors.

Employees who choose to participate in the mentoring program will have their personal data maintained on a third party platform, hosted by AWS. The profile information will only be used for Amazon Mentoring.


As a Mentee...

You will have the chance to learn from your Mentor's experience and work through career development challenges with a trusted partner.

Join as a Mentee You can also sign up to be both a mentee and mentor.


As a Mentor...

You will grow your listening, feedback, and coaching skills as well as be an active part in someone else's career development.

Join as a Mentor You can also sign up to be both a mentor and mentee.


Additional Resources

Mentor Handbook
Mentee Handbook