Amazon Circles

Welcome to Amazon Circles!
Group Mentoring Program

The Amazon Circles program is a large-scale, global program combining best practices from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Circles ( and other mentoring research. Circles is a group-based mentoring program that facilitates the connection of employees across Amazon, helping them foster meaningful relationships with each other, expand their network, increase access to mentors, promote career development, and support each other through shared experiences. Circles are open to regular (blue badge) Amazon employees.

Group Member Mentoring

For Group Members:

Members can join a peer group for support with shared development goals.

Advisor Mentoring

For Advisors:

Propose or join a peer group to guide and advise members. Offer your encouragement, expertise, and perspective.

How does this work?

Circles are advised to meet monthly for six months; after which, the group can either continue the Circle for an additional six months or disband. Once a circle has been in place for 12 months, we recommend disbanding to give everyone an opportunity to start new Circles and meet new people. Circle meetings usually alternate between two formats:

  • Education Meetings: Members study a topic or learn a new skill (e.g., negotiation skills).
  • Experience Meetings: Members share personal/professional situations (both challenges and successes) to learn from each other's experiences.

Propose a Circle: Both Members and Advisors can propose Circles. Usually the person that proposes the Circle also signs up as the Circle's Program Manager who is responsible for approving members and publishing the Circle, which means kicking off the six-month connection.

Employees can sign up to become a Member, Advisor, or both. Members and advisors have the option to initiate a Circle or join a Circle focused on the topic(s) they are interested in, accommodating more detailed matching preferences.